Offshore Software Development means business

Cost efficiency and Productivity of overseas teams boost business growth

The question is not "Why outsource?" ... CEOs around the world are now asking "Why NOT outsource?" In this global economy, manufacturing services, or software development will never be the same for multinational companies. If companies want to grow faster, they need to up their game - and outsourcing is the way to go offshore development is the way to grow. Research shows that organizations having their own software development teams in growing countries make more money. Outsourcing high-cost skills enables a global firm to continue allocating its local employees for high-value jobs. These roles are related to design, business development, sales, and marketing are key determinants of long-term growth. And yes, strong review processes ensure Quality and adherence to standards.

India continues to lead in offshore development with its strong commitment to Information Technology. In addition, it is a rich resource pool of high-quality developers, process-centric work style, and competent managers. At the heart of India, lies Nagpur (literally speaking it is the geographic center). Our leader is from Nagpur, so we have a solid connection to the city and its rich resource pool. It may be a city of nearly 2.5 million, but to us, Nagpur is a community full of talent and super performers. Also, Nagpur is a university town that provides a steady stream of young talent with exceptional command over the English language.

We also have IT development center at Pune which is big IT hub in India.

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