A New and Different Way to Hire Developers

Q M CompuTech service model offers built in flexibility that is critical to your success.

Some companies are reluctant to hire offshore developers because they fear pitfalls – poor communication; time zone barriers; lack of visibility over employees and their work; employees limited knowledge of the company’s product, history, and culture; employees working on multiple projects for multiple other companies, and thus not being fully engaged or available. But with QMCPL, it's different.

A dedicated team and Agile Approach make the difference.

By offering a dedicated team of software developers who are committed to working on just one company's vision, QMCPL eliminates these difficulties. All of our processes are designed to make QMCPL developers a true extension of your company – not your contractor, but your employee. We'll create and maintain a team for you that you can rely on without the management overhead.

The QMCPL Agile Advantage is a conceptual framework that further reduces risks and vastly enhances your team’s results in developing better software. Agile is different from other methodologies in that the entire process is highly adaptive. Your development is always going forward and always adapts itself to whatever changes come along. With the QMCPL Agile Advantage, your software is continually customized with fluid results fully adapted to your business value.

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